Isn't it about time that you send that thing you've been meaning to send? It's not always fun to do, but we promise we'll try to make your experience as pleasant as possible. Need to ship to a domestic address? You'll have your choice of regular USPS* mail, UPS, or FedEx for all of your domestic shipping needs. Need to send something international? We are authorized shippers for all of the above as well as an official shipper (DASC) for DHL. As one of the largest DHL shippers by volume in the area, we know how to navigate the system to make sure you get your package to where it needs to go. Unlike some other stores, we are carrier-agnostic, meaning we are not married to any particular carrier so we will help you choose the best option based on your needs. To make life easier we can even box and pack your things for you. As an added bonus, we give love and care to each package before sending it along its way. Or, you could always wait in line at the post office. Hey, tell the people ahead of you that we said hi!

Ship a lot? Send nine trackable packages and the tenth one is on us! Don't get too excited, there's fine print. 

Ship a lot a lot? Ask us about our corporate shipping discount program! We've saved our customers typically between 15-35% off their current shipping rates. Just bring us a few recent invoices and give us a shot at beating your rates. You've got nothing to lose and typically savings to gain! 

* We do not carry USPS flat rate boxes. Sorry. 

Helpful Tips:

Don't use brown paper to wrap boxes. The shipping labels are affixed to the brown paper. Rainy Pacific Northwest weather causes brown paper to get soggy. Missing label = missing package = unhappiness. 

Must send package by 4:30 pm for overnight delivery.

Track Your Package