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10 Reasons To Get a Private Mailbox With Us


10 Reasons To Get a Private Mailbox With Us

Privacy - Private mailboxes are just that - private. No one else has access to your mail except you and those you grant access to. If you own a business, there is always a risk of disgruntled customers or crazy people looking up your company address and hopefully this won't be your home address

Prevent ID Theft - The top way to get your ID stolen is to get your wallet/purse lost or stolen, followed very closely by mail theft & junk mail theft from residential mailboxes. We can help to nip that in the bud.

Free & Optional Notification Service - We can let you know if you have any worthwhile mail or packages so you can know whether you have that certain item you've been waiting for

Local Address - Many times companies or other entities require a local address to verify location or to verify the appearance of a location. Private mailboxes allow you to do this

Real Physical Address - Some companies are unable or unwilling to ship things to a PO Box and need a real physical address. Some PO Boxes at the Post Office offer this service for an additional premium. A real physical address is part of our basic offering

Security & Peace of Mind - You can receive mail & packages from any company delivered by any service and never have to worry about porch pirates or package theft. Going away for the weekend? Extended vacation? Frequent traveler? You can relax knowing that your stuff will all be here safe and sound waiting for you when you get back.

24-Hour Access - We are conveniently located in downtown Redmond Town Center so you can also grab lunch nearby while you're here or take care of other errands. Bit of a night-owl? No problem - you can grab your mail and packages after-hours with the security of multiple redundant security systems keeping an eye on things

Convenience - Do you have multiple carrier packages to drop off or ship while you grab your mail? Done. We aren't married to just one shipping company so we can take drop-offs and ship with whoever you need so you don't have to make multiple stops and get it all done here

Value - We are the lowest-priced private mailbox in downtown Redmond - even less than getting a PO Box at the Post Office and with more features! But you don't have to take our word for it, we encourage folks to shop and compare

All the Cool Kids Have One - Or, at least that's what we've been told