That’s a question we get nearly every day. The answer is…it depends. For our shipments going out via Fedex, our prices will be exactly the same or less than if you were to go to a Fedex Office location. For UPS, our prices will be less than the vast majority of other UPS stores. Our DHL prices are also between 8-12% less than regular DHL retail prices. USPS? Well, if you are going to send heavy items across the country in a flat rate box that fits everything, you won’t be able to find a better price than going directly to the Post Office. Since the Post Office doesn’t offer us any discounts, we do have to upcharge USPS services. However, in many instances we would be able to send the exact same item for less using another carrier. UPS will always recommend UPS, Fedex always uses a Fedex-shaped hammer, and the same with DHL but since we are carrier-agnostic, we will always recommend the appropriate carrier best suited to your needs. Even if we can’t always beat Post Office prices, we will always be able to beat their typically long lines.