Yesterday on June 23, the Post Office implemented their new dimensional weight pricing and lowered their volumetric divisor from 194 to 166. What does this mean? It means that now the Post Office will start charging more based on box size and not just by weight. In some cases, shipping via USPS will increase by up to 500%! How can you avoid this price increase? As before, the absolute cheapest way to ship small heavy things would be the Post Office flat rate boxes at the Post Office (though you will probably pay for it in time) The other way to avoid this price increase is to come visit us in downtown Redmond. We had a customer today who went to the Post Office first and got a quote for $62 and change for basic Parcel Post service. She came here and we charged her a bit over $38 for a better faster option that came with real tracking and insurance ***for the exact same package*** because we were able to sort through all of her options at once and choose the one that best fit her needs. Pay us a visit and see for yourself!