It's happened to all of us - a box will arrive that is mostly open with some token packing material inside and another item rattling inside a cavernous space of cardboard. Occasionally an item will be completely missing. Today we received a taped up box with only some bubble wrap and a large hole on the inside. No item. While some large sell-everything online companies can afford to easily replace these items, it would be much more of a burden for individuals to do, it just makes sense to pack things correctly. No need to go crazy; for the most part just make sure you have a big enough box and enough packing material inside (and of course use extra cushioning for fragile things). 2 rules of thumb:

-Make sure the box doesn't have any "give" no matter where you push on it
-Make sure the box feels like one solid piece - no rattling

If you're uncomfortable packing things yourself or don't have all the materials handy, we are always happy to pack things for you here for a nominal charge.