Recently a customer mentioned how ever since marijuana has been legalized in WA, the number of break-ins to residential mailboxes has spiked. This is in addition to thieves breaking into boxes searching for checks, credit cards, packages, and other sensitive information. Locked mailboxes are definitely much more secure, but locks can also be easily defeated in a couple of seconds with just a flat-head screwdriver. According to Identity Theft Journal, mail theft is still the second most common way that ID theft occurs, second only to purse and wallet theft.

The most secure way to receive mail is through a secure outside service such as a PO Box or a private mailbox such as the ones we offer here. Having a private mailbox comes with other benefits such as secure packages, piece of mind when you’re away for a few days or months, or not having to change your address when you move locally. If you are in the market for a private mailbox, check us out and make sure you compare our prices and services!